Getting back into shape after having a baby

Before getting pregnant I don’t think I hardly ever worked out at home, I just didn’t really have any of the equipment I wanted or thought I needed to get a good workout in at home. I would try to go to the gym but I definitely don’t think I was ever really into working out. After having Greyson my body felt so odd and I honestly just wanted to see the scale having my pre-pregnancy weight on it. It took me a while to get back into working out because I just assumed I needed to get a gym membership to get back into shape. I am a very protective Mama and when I first tried to bring Greyson to the child watch, probably around 6 months, at the gym I just could not do it. There were so many kids in there with only a few care takers in there and I just turned around and went straight home. I decided to try and start just lifting weights at home while Greyson took a nap to get in some type of exercise. I started to really enjoy working out at home, I knew Greyson was safe while I was working out because I could watch him on the monitor, and I had my own space to work out and could take my time and do my thing. I ended up working out every morning during the week while Greyson napped and after 7 months of trying to get back to my pre pregnancy weight, I had finally done it! I kept working out at home, only using dumbbells and doing ab workouts from YouTube, and I literally got in the best shape and weighed the lightest I ever had in probably 8 years, it was incredible!

Finally after feeling so good about my workouts and my body after feeling so crappy after giving birth and just being in this body that didn’t seem like my own, I noticed that I just wasn’t improving much anymore after a few months of doing the same round of workouts every day. I took the plunge once Greyson was close to 15 months old and joined the gym. It was not easy leaving him at the child watch, he cried so much he first time that I lasted maybe 10 minutes and came back and got him. After slowly transitioning him into the child watch and seeing that he was okay after a few minutes of me being gone I felt much more comfortable working out and finally was able to really get good workouts in. This helped me so much to build more muscle, and I was able to get in cardio, finally, just some light running, walking, and elliptical. It was better than me doing zero cardio! We were on this great routine and I was feeling much stronger and he was having a chance to play with kids and I think it was good for me to get some time to myself and for Greyson to have time away from me for an hour a day.

I think everyone has their own way of working out and feeling their best, and what works for you and your child, but this seemed to be the best way for us! I think that there is a lot of pressure on new moms to drop all the weight in the first month, or on the other side people think you won’t lose the weight for the first year. I say do whatever makes you feel the best, makes you happy, and the best mom and person you can be. I really feel like once I was working out more I had so much more energy to do things with Greyson and I felt so much happier each day being able to see all the amazing changes in my body from all my hard work.




Struggles of toddler tantrums

Toddler tantrums are something else. I totally get that this is the age where they want to express themselves and communicate with you they just don’t have the verbal capacity yet to explain what they want or need, but WOW. Greyson is definitely getting much better with figuring out how to say words and can say a lot more than he could a month ago, HOORAY! He still cannot say a lot though which is what I think is leading to his tantrums, but I do not remember any of my nieces or nephews going SO crazy the way he does. It has become really difficult to manage on my own when Kyle is at work but I try to pick my battles with how much energy I have at that point in the day. Recently he has hated getting dressed for the day, and I mean he would rather be in his pajamas the entire day or completely naked, but definitely not real clothes. I am not really sure why he hates getting real clothes on but this is one of those battles that I have decided that sometimes I just do not feel like fighting over, so I let him wear pajamas to go out to the grocery store or for me to drop off dry cleaning. Bedtime also brings on the tantrum fun. Kyle and I have been letting Greyson have “nakey time” before bed to let him air himself out and he just really enjoys being naked. No matter what though as soon as we try and get the pajamas on him, he has a major meltdown and tantrum. I mean the crying, snotting, drooling, throwing himself around kind of tantrum. It is something I have yet to figure out how to really avoid or stop without just letting him do it for several minutes and eventually we can get him to read a book or watch a video to calm down. It is something I definitely do not enjoy and wonder if anyone else has advice on how to avoid them more than we have been lately.

First blog post

WELCOME TO MY BLOG!! I am super excited to have finally started this blog… it has been on my mind for probably over a year now whether or not to start a blog. I basically just want to share my life with you! The struggles of motherhood, being a stay-at-home mom, a young mom, my relationship with my boyfriend, and just everything I do! I also really enjoy working out and I think that it is really hard for Moms to get back into fitness after having a baby and I want to help inspire other Moms to do it!! I really hope you enjoy my blog and reading about all of the ups and downs of my life!